UI Designer-Contract-Mountain View, CA

As a BI and Visualization UI designer, you will help design rich and scalable web applications that enable sharing, exploration and visualization of large datasets to empower fiber business with actionable analytics. You will work closely with potential users to understand their needs, expectations and pain points. You’ll translate your insights to beautiful experiences that delight our users. Furthermore you will work in close collaboration with a highly capable development team and are expected to execute well in a fast-paced and sometimes ambiguous environment.

Key Responsibilities:
Define the user model and interface for an intelligent web application that enables rapid sharing, exploring and viewing business intelligence information.
Create new designs, including user flows, wireframes, mockups, and prototypes.
Collaborate effectively on a team. Know when to push forward and when to conform.
Create Design Specs & clearly rationalize and justify design work and advocate for users’ needs.
Deliver the designs by following through on details with the Engineering team and driving fit-and-finish polish.

Minimum Qualifications:
BA/BS degree in Design (e.g. Computeraction, graphic, visual communications, product, industrial), Science, or a related field (in lieu of degree, 2+ years of relevant work).
2+ years of experience in a designer role
Proven track record of designing and shipping successful software design experiences for multiple device types and contexts.
Strong core interaction design skills, knowledge of the user-centered design methodologies, and a good understanding of usability.
Fluency with visual and interaction design tools as well as competency with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
Ability to work within a highly technical environment
Good understanding of technical requirements and limitations.

Preferred Qualifications:
MA/MS in Design or a related field.
Strong technical understanding of how software and cloud services work
Excellent written communication & documentation skills
Obsessive attention to detail
Strong analytical, problem-solving, and critical-thinking skills.
Good sense and understanding of visual design.
Front-end development skills

Please email resume to kjohnson@nelsoninteractive.net

Creative Writer Contract-Mountain View, Ca

NI Header

As a persona designer / writer, you’ll use words to help shape user relationships to a high priority consumer facing product. Your output will include but not be limited to instructions, dialogue, and verbal games. You will work closely with other designers, writers, engineers and producers to deliver engaging & fun user experiences in a scrappy environment. Requirements: experience with nuanced creative writing with a smart, engaging and humorous tone.The project will consist of a cross-functional team of designers, writers, & engineers working to craft engaging user experiences inside of Search platform and beyond. Success will be measured both in terms of quantity (there is a large number of strings to write) & also quality (we will be doing extensive user tests & to measure engagement).

Creative writing for dialogue
Creative writing for user interaction
Creative writing for character development

Minimum Qualifications:
5+ years as a writer for consumer consumption (via products or publications).
BA in Writing, or professional experience equivalent.
Expert creative writing skills.
Excellent attention to details

Preferred Qualifications:
Product & game design experience, design skills, experience with article intelligence.
Experience writing dialogue for plays/screenplays, fiction/interactive fiction, and/or comedy/entertainment.

Pay Rate-$60-65/hr

Please send resume and portfolio to kjohnson@nelsoninteractive.net

Character Modeler-Contract- SF Bay Area

Our Character Modelers will create hand painted stylized textures inspired from realism. You have a superb talent to model the human form as well as the ability to optimize a mesh for best performance without sacrificing visual quality.  You possess a keen eye for visual esthetics in addition to the underlying topology. Though your passion is creating beautiful assets, as a Character Modeler you aren’t afraid of working within a technical pipeline and are comfortable problem solving.  You are confident enough to run with a task with little oversight but are open to feedback from Art Direction and love collaborating with your peers.

What skills do we look for?

A Character Modeler must have a passion for games. Their portfolio must demonstrate the following:
– An ability to think and texture assets in 3D in a variety of styles ranging from realistic to hand painted
– Drawings/sketches that display basic skills as well as any modeling and texture work related to characters

– Understanding of human anatomy, clothed figures and differing materials

– Strong 3D sculpting abilities & 2D painting skills (life drawings, painting, etc.)

– Understanding of vertex weighting

– Aptitude to take direction and work well with others

– Breadth of artistic styles, especially hand painted
– An understanding of optimization for game engines (mesh & texture size limits)
– Excellent sense scale and level of finish

– Object Modelers are expected to have a proficient experience with 3D Software such as Maya & Photoshop. Experience with zBrush, 3DCoat, etc. would be a plus but not a prerequisite.

Pay Rate- Up to 48/hr

Send Resume to kjohnson@nelsoninteractive.net


Sr. Concept Artist-Contract-Redwood City, Ca

This is a role for a concept artist possessing a combination of strong traditional art skills with impeccable design skills.

Our game has a unique stylized art style so you need to be able to flawlessly execute the existing style.  Equally as important is your ability to design new and appealing real world assets.

Your job is to make sure that the assets we build for the game are well designed and visually appealing.  Your tasks might include high-level environment explorations, development of a new furniture suite, fashion design, or developing a new architectural style.  You need to have an understanding of historical styles, and an ability to blend multiple styles or reinterpret them in a fresh and aesthetically pleasing manner.

You also need to have a strong attention to detail to excel at this position.  Our assets have technical requirements which you need to take into consideration when creating new designs.

This is a contract position.


  • Outstanding design sensibility.  You need to have the ability to develop unique and visually appealing designs for furniture, fashion, environment, and architecture.  You don’t need to be an expert in each of these areas, but you should be an expert in at least 1-2, and feel comfortable working in each.
  • Understanding and an interest in how and why things are constructed, from a designer’s perspective.
  • Strong understanding of asset creation from start to finish.  You understand how to create concept images and spec sheets which call out all pertinent information for modelers, texture artist, animators and VFX artists who will work on the final in-game model.
  • Very strong traditional illustration skills in a variety of media as well as excellent drawing skills. Matte painting experience is a plus.
  • A strong ability to think in 3D.
  • Environment and component ideation and design.
  • Strong fundamental skills including good use of line, light, shadow and color.
  • Storytelling and concept development.
  • Ability to work within specific styles, including a style set by another artist or art director.
  • Comfortable giving and receiving critiques.
  • 4+ years of concept experience.
  • Multiple shipped video game titles.
  • Experience providing feedback to outsourced vendor artists is a plus

Up to $48/hr

Send resume to kjohnson@nelsoninteractive.net

Associate Animator-Contract- SF Bay Area

– Create expressive character animation that portrays a wide range of emotions

– Deliver content on schedule that meets technical requirements

– Perform as a key contributor of the animation production process

– Use both Maya and proprietary art tools to implement animated characters and objects in the game

– Work with Engineering, Audio and Design to ensure animation meets technical and game play requirements

– Make sure all work is clean and organized with regards to assets within each file as well as file structure and storage

Skills: 3+ years of professional character animation experience using Maya, Max, or equivalent

– Must exhibit strong traditional animation principles (timing, spacing, squash and stretch, etc…) and be able to demonstrate that knowledge

– Understanding of creative and technical challenges particular to video game animation

– Animation experience with FK and IK skeletal systems

– Ability to take direction well

– Self-Motivated towards solving creative problems

– Excellent communication and interpersonal skills

– Strong work ethic and positive attitude

Pay up to 43/hr

Please send resumes to kjohnson@nelsoninteractive.net

Compliance QA (Game Tester) Contract- San Jose, Ca


The Temporary QA Game Compliance Tester is responsible for testing and debugging pre-released game software for 1st party compliance violations. This position performs regression testing, verifies claimed bug fixes, and enters program defects into a bug tracking database. Strong communication skills, both verbal and written, ability to analytically research program defects, strong teamwork and interpersonal skills are required.

* Test and debug pre-released game software for 1st party compliance violations.
* Perform regression testing, verify claimed bug fixes.
* Document program defects in a bug tracking database.


* 12 months experience with successful track record in game Quality Assurance position preferred.

* 6 months experience with 1st party standards (TRC, TCR, Lotcheck).
* Comprehensive understanding of the test process and cycle.
* PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Nintendo 3DS and/or PC testing.


* High school graduate. Associate Degree and additional college course work strongly preferred.


* Excellent verbal and written communication language skills.
* Analytical problem solving skills.
* Ability to prioritize and perform multiple tasks simultaneously.
* Good organizational skills.
* Strong ability to focus and remain on task.


* Significant knowledge of current, past and upcoming video games and systems.
* Knowledge of Microsoft Word and Excel, bug tracking software (Test Track, Filemaker Pro, etc.).

* PS4 and/or Xbox One testing experience.

Please send resume to kjohnson@nelsoninteractive.net


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