Sr. Game Developer with Exp. in Web and Native Game Platform Dev.- C to H-Seattle, Wa

The Who:

  • Senior game developer with deep engineering expertise in both web and native game platform development.
  • You should be versed in JavaScript performance optimization as well as understand how to coax a few extra frames per second out of a game written for Unity, Unreal, or raw C++.
  •  You must be able to work in large code-bases with complex class hierarchies and able to explain the execution flow of a typical multi-threaded game engine.
  • A successful candidate will bring deep technical and software expertise, and have the ability to work within a fast moving environment in a large company to rapidly deliver services that have a broad business impact.
  • A senior game developer, with 8+ years of applicable work experience.
  • Highly experienced with JavaScript game development, WebGL, and WebAssembly, and wielding strong C++/C#/Java/Objective-C
  • Able to pick up new programming languages and tools quickly.

The What:

  • We are building something unique that will require skills learned through the flexibility of modern web development, and the optimization techniques required of modern PC/console development.

Please forward resume to


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