Web Developer-DH-Gaming in Berkeley, CA

Our client is a leader in eSports, Skill Gaming and Gamer rewards. They have generated over $13 Million in revenues and has institutional backing from Luma Launch and Catalyst Sports. Their quickly growing platform allows gamers all over the USA to win cash, prizes and other cool stuff when they play games completely free. The tournament platform is a patent pending skill tracking system that is leveraged to reward the most skill-full players across a variety of games. The platform is integrated with some of the largest advertising exchanges in the world, including Facebook, Google, Verzion’s Oath platform, Rubicon and many others.

Developers at our client can look forward to working with Reactjs, React Native, MongoDB, SQL, Objective C and occasionally other languages. Developers will frequently interact with Google’s IMA SDK, Prebid.js and troubleshoot errors arising from video ad technology including VAST, VPAID and others. Occasionally developers have minor tasks in Xcode or Unity, but these environments are uncommon for this role. Their development roots are from Pivotal Labs. As a result developers regularly practice XP, which includes TDD, BDD, pair programming and other AGILE practices.

Job Title Responsibilities:

-6 years paid full-time experience in software development
-2 years experience in ReactJS or React Native

-Excellent verbal communication skills
-US Citizen
-Can work full time in Berkeley CA
-No Tele-commuting

-Experience with adtech
-Experience with mobile gaming
-Familiarity with TDD, BDD, AGILE
-A College Degree

Salary-120-145K DOE

Please send resume to kjohnson@nelsoninteractive.net



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