Mechanical Design Engineer- Possible Contract to Hire-East Bay Area



  • 4+ years of experience (mid-senior level)
  • Experience with CAD Programs (360 Fusion, Auto CAD, Solid Works or equivalent)
  • Experience working in an Equipment Lab, Scientific Engineering or Capital Equipment
  • Experience setting up new design tool or new processes highly desired
  • Experience designing entire projects from beginning to implementation
  • Experience measuring dimensions of mechanical systems


Responsibilities Include:
• Provide advice and ideas for concepts of equipment and fixtures to enable specific material deposition and treatment processes within given specifications. Present these concepts during concept review meetings.
• Create complete 3D models and 2D drawings of parts and assemblies using a professional CAD package such as SolidWorks, Inventor, Fusion 360 or the equivalent. Present these detailed designs during design review meetings.
• Advise on and execute on simulations, calculations, and modelling for thermal, flow, structural, heat transfer and mass transfer when appropriate.
• Establish a CAD workflow including software selection & installation, workstation selection, creating drawing templates and advising on part file management.
• Work directly with vendors and shops for component selection and quoting and then work with Energy Everywhere teammates to make sure that all ordered parts are received.
• Perform laboratory and shop work including measurement, assembly, fabrication/modification and data collection for performance validation and system benchmarking.
Summary of Experience Required/Preferred Include:
• More than 3 years of experience using CAD to create 3D models of assemblies and parts.
• Knowledge of kinematic constraints and precisely locating objects in space.
• Hands-on experience working with a mill and lathe and have exposure to CNC programming.
• Ability to communicate effectively both verbally and in writing with a wide variety of company personnel.
• Ability to effectively manage vendors and drive the procurement of parts.
• Experience designing and delivering semiconductor process equipment. Alternatively, the candidate should have experience designing and building mechanical systems where thermal, chemical and fluid handling considerations must be taken into account.
• Experience with vacuum systems and high precision motion.

Education Required/Preferred Include:
Bachelor’s degree or higher in Mechanical Engineering or a closely related discipline

Pay Rate-$ up to 55/hr.

Please send resume to


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