Manufacturing Technician- Contract-Sunnyvale, Ca

        Essential Duties and Responsibilities

·         Operates equipment to manufacture and test SLM products.

·         Operates various production equipment.

·         Inspects, measures, and tests wafers.

·         Inspects, measures and tests modules to determine if in-process or finished modules meet specified performance criteria prior to shipment to the customer.

·         Optical alignment of lasers to devices.

·         Records test results in logbooks.

·         Discusses test results with engineers and contributes to solving production problems.

·         Helps with the analysis and writing of reports on testing results.

·         Recommends improvements.

·         Routinely interacts with engineers and vendors.

·         Documents processes.


·         Education: Associate’s degree or equivalent from college or technical school preferred, with 3-5+ years related experience and/or training.

·         Experience with basic test equipment such as voltmeters and oscilloscopes.

·         Experience with microscopes (metallurgical/bright field/dark field/phase contrast) to inspect wafers.

·         Hands-on experience working in a fab/cleanroom and wearing bunny suits and personal protective gear.

·         Extra consideration given to those that have direct experience with conducting experiments and an understanding of SPC and process control.

Pay Rate-$35/hr.

Please send resume to

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