FPGA Engineer-Contract-San Francisco, Ca


  • Lead a rapid prototype team to architect design, develop, and test RTL based digital communication system solutions for our Software-Defined Radio system.
  • Work with the system, hardware, and software groups to define, architect, develop, verify, and release RTL based DSP IP logic blocks.
  • Architect, Design, develop, integrate, and debug IP blocks using a mixture of software and hardware languages.
  • Simulation and hardware validation of large design, including lab, debug, and internal user support.
  • Deploy and maintain acceleration solutions to meet significant reliability and service level requirements.


  • Bachelor of Science degree in electrical engineering, computer science, computer engineering, or equivalent technical degree
  • Demonstrated experience in ASIC / FPGA life cycle (architecture, design, simulation, verification, validation, integration & test)
  • Strong proficiency with Verilog (preferably SystemVerilog) for both synthesis and verification
  • Hardware debug experience, including familiarity with tools such as the oscilloscope, logic analyzer, protocol analyzer (SPI, CAN, Ethernet or similar)
  • Demonstrated experience in digital communications (spread spectrum modulation, synchronization, fading, doppler, multiple access, channel capacity, and beamforming with mitigation strategies)
  • Deep knowledge and understanding of digital design fundamentals.
  • Strong competence of FPGA tooling including synthesis, building, timing analysis and simulation.
  • Strong communication skills including the ability to author technical specifications, and procedures.
  • Don’t meet them all? Not a problem. Please apply even if you do not meet all these criteria.


  • Knowledge of space-grade/qualified FPGAs and ASICs.
  • Knowledge of Circuit Card Assembly (CCA) design and development processes.
  • Start-up experience. Demonstrate ability to work in a fast-paced environment.

Duration: up to 6 months

Pay-$80-95/hr. DOE

Please send resume to kjohnson@nelsoninteractive.net

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