API Backend Engineer- SF Bay Area-1 year Contract

Position Overview:
The team is building an API gateway and clients to unify access to our data
platform and provide a consistent entry point making it easy and efficient for any
data consumers. The API exposes a single GraphQL endpoint that expresses
relationships between several discrete data platform entities and provides a query
language that allows selective and efficient data retrieval with a strongly typed
schema focusing on documentation and discoverability.

● Collaborate with partner team(s) to integrate their APIs into our Elasticsearch
indexes and GraphQL schema and implementation with an eye for UI and
programmatic use cases.
● Iteratively produce high quality, tested, and maintainable software.
● Participate in code reviews.
● Produce documentation for other team members and users.

● 5+ years of experience in building large scale distributed applications.
● Significant experience with backend Java development. Experience with
Python and/or Node is preferred.
● Experience building and interacting with RESTful and GraphQL services.
● Experience with Elasticsearch.
● Experience with Kafka is preferred.

Pay Rate-up to $145/hr.

Please send resume to kjohnson@nelsoninteractive.net

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