Data Center Engineer-Sunnyvale, Ca-Contract


· Maintain and repair CPU and GPU based compute clusters and storage

· Run cabling and fiber within the datacenters 

· Independently troubleshoot and repair complex hardware issues

· Deploy, integrate rack new equipment.

· Contribute to documentation

· Handle Vendor RMAs

· Working with our vendors for installation and maintenance activites

· Participate in procurement and logistic activities


· Meaningful experience in installing and maintaining enterprise compute hardware

· Skilled with running fiber and cabling in a datacenter environment

· Skilled with troubleshooting and repair of Intel-based server hardware.

· Competency to work independently with minimal supervision to maintain and repair servers in enterprise datacenter environments.

· Familiarity with ticket management processes.

· Familiarity with DCIM tools such as Device42.

· Can lift 50 lbs to waist height, 25 lbs to shoulder height.

· Ability to follow and contribute to production checklists.

· Understanding and respect for the importance of “production” environments.

· Excellent verbal and written communication skills in English.

· Ability and willingness to use personal vehicle to travel to datacenters in Sunnyvale, CA and Menlo Park, CA.


· Understanding of power and coolings systems requirements in datacenter environments.

· Exposure to SuperMicro servers

· Exposure to Arista and/or Mellanox network equipment

· Exposure to GPU computing platforms

· Basic understanding of RAID, IPv4, and IPMI/OOB

· Basic Linux system administration skills.

Pay Rate-45-50/hr.

Please send resume to

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