Developer Productivity Researcher-Remote-Contract

Our Full Cycle developers own all aspects of the software development lifecycle from
design through operations. The Developer Productivity organization provides tools and technology
used by our software developers. Developer Productivity needs a deeper understanding of its
customers (developers) so that we can better meet their needs. We are therefore interviewing
developers across our company to learn about engineering teams, roles, day-to-day workflows, pain
points, and suggestions for how Developer Productivity can improve. We want to learn about big
pain points and small paper cuts, how developers feel about their experience, and what would make
our company have the world’s best software development experience.
We are using our learnings to build Customer Problem Base for use in creating Developer
Productivity product strategy and roadmaps. We also use this interview data to create reports and
videos that we share with Developer Productivity engineering teams.
Interviews, project coordination, and research team meetings are conducted via Google Meet
during business hours, Pacific time (PDT). You will not be required to come into the office.
What You Will Do:
● Work with engineering managers to identify interview candidates, schedule interview
sessions, and handle pre- and post-interview communication.
● Take detailed notes during the interview and codify those into our Customer Problem Base in
● Manage interview artifacts (video files, Google documents).
● Conduct follow-up research with the interviewees or their teams to add clarity to our notes.
● Help us gain a deeper understanding of and empathy for our developers. Work with the
research team to brainstorm creative ways to share our learnings with the Developer
Productivity organization.
● Video, diagram, and document production to summarize our learnings.
● Create problem hypotheses based on our interview data.
We Are Looking For:
● Hands-on experience in product or user experience (UX) research.
● Familiarity with the software development lifecycle, full-stack software systems,
microservice architecture, and tooling used in the development, delivery, and operation of
software systems.
● Experience working within product management or software engineering.
● Excellent verbal and written communication skills. You take real-time notes that capture the
nuances and feeling of what our developers are telling us. You can distill interview data and
tell the day-to-day story of a Netflix developer.
● Ability to translate interview findings into strategic opportunities.

Pay Rate-$100/hr.

Please send resume to

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