User Researcher- Contract-Foster City, Ca

As the User Researcher for IT-Base Operations, you will help guide design, product, and engineering teams in the development of tools for an Autonomous Vehicle service. You will play a key role in addressing known problems and provide our cross-functional partners with the context to solve the problems of our users and teams. We are looking for a person like you who is hungry for knowledge, prepared to ask the hard questions and challenge existing assumptions, and wants to help the team see the forest from the trees. 

The Ops Experience Research team centers itself on creating an inclusive and psychologically safe environment that drives success for individuals and the team. We strive to be good collaborators who help cross-functional teams solve problems for users, customers, and our company. A requirement for our success is our ability to welcome all relevant parties into our process. We trust one another and our partners, while also understanding that different points of view enhance insights–not derail it. 

A researcher for this role will be capable of future thinking and planning for the unknown. While this role will address tactical tasks of our day-to-day users, they should also help their partners understand the Jobs to Be Done. 


  • Collect foundational information via kick-off meetings and stakeholder interviews.
  • Select the relevant research to understand the context of the user’s workflow, what they have to accomplish, and the pain points they experience. This is; likely through use of in-depth interviews, contextual inquiries, and usability studies.
  • Conduct research and analysis that is inclusive of Product, Engineering, and Design.
  • Deliver insights with appropriate narrative framing to guide immediate changes, the team’s vision, and roadmap decisions. 
  • Present findings and recommendations to improve the experiences of users, be a staunch advocate for users in cross-functional meetings, and raise questions or challenge assumptions that are not in the best interest of our users. 
  • Manage expectations and interests of a diverse set of stakeholders while maintaining a human-centered posture.


  • 3-5+ years of relevant work experience
  • Experience working with enterprise or internal users


  • Experience researching and/or designing for a wide range of users and abilities
  • Experience working with automotive or transportation
  • Experience working with two-side marketplaces

Please send resume to

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