• 4+ years of experience in data warehouse maintenance and development, including advanced capabilities using SSMS, T-SQL, and SSIS.  Able to analyze and create detailed SQL code, and to use MS tools available to ensure solid query performance.
  • Comfortable with extremely complex development projects.  Able to implement in and/or infer from code bases complicated business rules with multiple layers of processing and multiple output formats.  Solid knowledge of star schema output and dimensional modelling, fact table loading, data staging, backout and deduping processes.  Experience with multiple file formats and use of SSIS to accommodate imports of those source types.
  • Experience within a Healthcare setting.


  • Strong skills in run support for multiple large and complex datasets, primarily focused on Clinical data, including Pharmacy claims and Lab tests/results.  Ability to support entire DW job structure regardless of subject matter expertise, monitor jobs, and to trouble shoot job errors or warnings when needed.
  • Experience with Epic Caboodle/Clarity, especially the ability to reengineer processes/interfaces to pull directly from these applications, is highly desirable.
  • Experience with cloud platforms, such as Snowflake/Matillion, especially the ability to map existing code sets to new platforms and re-engineer processes to maximize benefit of the new technologies, is highly desirable.
  • Experience with data virtualization platforms, such as Denodo, is also desirable.

Pay: 55-65/hr.

Please send resume to


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