Staff Software Engineer-Contract-Onsite- Foster City, Ca

In this role, you will be responsible for maintaining the build process for our fast-growing, safety-critical, autonomous vehicle software. This will involve configuring and upgrading compilers, profiling and optimizing the build process, and ultimately being a go-to person for any build-related questions. We have a solid foundation using Bazel in a monolithic repository along with a remote build farm and cache that we want to further improve into a world-class development experience. We are looking for a passionate developer who enjoys diving into the details of compilers and linkers and empowering developers with tools and metrics to support our fast-paced development culture.


  • Configure compilers to provide modern language features, optimal performance, and fast build times
  • Integrate software quality tools into our build system and development workflow (code coverage, static/dynamic analysis, include-what-you-use)
  • Build tools and dashboards to empower developers to ship better software faster


  • Bachelor’s degree in an engineering, mathematics, or related field and 7+ years of relevant experience
  • Extensive Linux experience
  • Knowledge of C++ build process 
  • Familiarity with maintaining large polyglot code bases
  • Comfortable writing Java to build distributed services 

Bonus Qualifications

  • C++ experience
  • Bazel build system familiarity
  • Familiarity with code analysis tools such as clang-tidy, valgrind, ASAN/LSAN/TSAN, and Coverity
  • Experience with gRPC
  • Familiarity with WekaFS or other high-performance filesystems

Pay Range-$65-70/hr.

Please send resume to


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