At Nelson Interactive, we place creative professionals throughout California and the Southwest. We have broad reach in the fields of digital media, game development, production, art, audio, design, programming, quality assurance, marketing, and customer service.

We’re active in local professional organizations, charities, and in the community, offering career training and job fairs. The Chamber of Commerce gave us an Excellence in Business award for demonstrating “leadership qualities of vision, service and effective collaboration.” Our broad networks keep referrals flowing in, one of the best ways to assure a compatible fit between candidate and company culture.


<div class=”LI-profile-badge” data-version=”v1″ data-size=”medium” data-locale=”en_US” data-type=”vertical” data-theme=”dark” data-vanity=”kaycjay”><a class=”LI-simple-link” href=’https://www.linkedin.com/in/kaycjay?trk=profile-badge’>Kendal Johnson</a></div>



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