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Sr. Staff Software Engineer-6 month C2H Role-San Francisco


  • Design and build our Observability system – one system to rule them all!
  • Research and prototype new Observability technologies and platforms including devops work
  • Design novel ways to integrate metrics, tracing, and logging into a single unified Observability platform
  • Detect anomalies using machine learning
  • Apply best practices to build a highly available, high volume Observability system
  • Demonstrate the Credit Karma values of knowing, owning, collaborating, innovating, and growing

Ideal Skills:

  • Strong fundamentals in Computer Science
  • 10+ years of professional experience in platform or server-side engineering (Scala, TypeScript, js, and Go are pluses)
  • 2+ years of devops experience at scale
  • Strong teamwork and interpersonal skills
  • Ability to mentor other software engineers
  • Curiosity and creativity


Experience using several of the following technologies:

  • Linux (CentOS, RHEL)
  • Proxies (e.g. Nginx)
  • Containers, Orchestration (e.g. Docker, Kubernetes)
  • Cloud (GCP, AWS)
  • Data streaming (e.g. Kafka, Akka Streams, Google Pub/Sub, Amazon Kinesis)
  • Time-series databases (e.g. InfluxDB, OpenTSDB)
  • Metrics collectors (e.g. Telegraf, Statsd, Collectd)
  • Log management (e.g. Splunk)
  • Distributed tracing (e.g. Zipkin)
  • Anomaly detection, machine learning

Pay Rate-DOE

Please email resume to kjohnson@nelsoninteractive.net

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