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Database Programmer-Contract up to 6 months, Santa Rosa, Ca

•  This work is to create a database system to replace functionality that is currently being done using Excel Spreadsheets and Office Documents.  The system will have web based input forms and a menu system to display reports from the data in the database tables.  Initial applications include Project and Task tracking with an Engineering Work Request, Change and Notification management system. 

•  This work will be expanded to support Maintenance Request Management and Sales Quote and Order Tracking.  Production Tracking and reporting of orders through shipping will also be included.

•  A prototype system is available for use with the majority of this functionality that may be reused in this effort.  The actual work will be to either modify the existing system or start fresh with a new database using the existing data in Excel Workbooks.  All functionality and workflow currently exists in the Excel Workbooks.  The task is to create the same workflow using a MySQL database and PHP for the web interface.

•  The candidate can either be an experienced individual that has done this type of work in the past or a intern person with the required skills to develop the solution.

•  The project is to help with the creation of input forms, reports and database tables to replace functionality in excel spreadsheets  Key words of interest (in order) for this work are as follows.

•  MySQL

•  PHP

•  JavaScript

•  R Statistical Analysis

•  LabView

•  PLC

Please send resume to kjohnson@nelsoninteractive.net

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